March 4 2013

Pinch Me

beautiful_breastThis was one of those dreams I woke from and instantly wished I could go back to sleep, reset, and start the dream where it left off. I was meeting with a woman in the office who had always been flirty, but prim and proper.  Never a hint at potential beyond flirts. Well this morning was different.  As she leaned across the desk to highlight the bullet point on the PowerPoint, her blouse draped down, showing a soft pink lace bra. My eyes went to her breasts like magnets.  I could not have skipped the breast-glance regardless the consequences.

My eyes stayed a bit to long, and she busted me.  She pulled back a bit, started to say something, and then rethought it.  Instead, she leaned forward again for an instant, hesitated, and then turned towards the door to my office.  She moved quickly to shut the door and then turned the lock with a solid thunk.  As she returned to the desk, she gently took my chin in her hand and closed my mouth.  At that point I realized I had been standing there slack-jawed.

She moved her lips towards mine, while holding my chin.  I came closer to her as she came towards me. Her kisses were hot, wet, and electric in their intensity.  As we kissed she began unbuttoning her blouse, not seeming to care about where we were or who might catch us.

I unhooked her bra with a quick flick of the wrist as we kissed. She pulled away briefly to lay down on my desk.  I shoved the papers aside and began gently sucking her puffy nipples.  She moaned in return and gently grabbed my hair, pulling my face towards hers.  Our mouths met in an impassioned kiss with tongues exchanging quick charged flicks of energy.  The fire was rising from within to the point I thought it would be the end for me. I had decided to let it go, no matter how short the time, or how much disappointment I might be to her. The growing feelings inside me too strong to ignore.

Just as I was nearing the end, the door to my office rattled at the sound of a key in the lock.  I pulled myself up and reached to help her up.  She was fastening the buttons of her blouse faster than a calf roper tying up a calf.  Her fingers were a blur. She was buttoning the next to last button as the door swung open and the face of the plant lady peeked in.  She apologized for interrupting and left.  So did my friend.  That is when I woke up.  Like I said, this one bore repeating.  I wish I was asleep again to let this one play out. Dang!

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