March 1 2013

Perfect laptop

I just bought a Chromebook.  It was cheap, sort of an experiment in PC toys.  It was the Samsung 306C.  I like it a lot except there are problems connecting to Citrix and it doesn’t have an app from GOOD, both of which are used by my company.  So I can’t use it for email at work, so it is pretty much a net-based toy.

I want something that lets me use Evernote to take notes at work that are synced across all of my devices.  I want something that will run an Astrid app for keeping up with my to-do list and reminders while syncing across the net.  And I need a good app to tap into the corporate email systems that doesn’t make them think I’m a TSA threat or otherwise subversive. Those features in a small form factor would allow me to to do my work.

So what then would make the perfect laptop?

  • Weight around 2.5 pounds
  • Chrome operating system that could also run Android apps
  • Touchscreen with a retina equivalent display
  • A HD camera for those late night Skype sessions
  • A SSD hard drive of 128GB or better
  • Native local file handling in Chrome
  • Screen of around 11.5 inches
  • Battery life of around 8 hours

I’ve tried Dells, Macs, a Galaxy Tab 2, and now a Chromebook.  I want something that has the versatility of a tablet, with the file handling of a PC, and the screen resolution of a Mac. and don’t forget the touchscreen.  I never thought I’d like it but I REALLY  do.

Someone? Anyone?

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