October 25 2011


 We’ve all had those days.  The boss turns into a nasty, whiny, self absorbed, diva bitch.  My luck, I occasionally have two.  Tell me what happens to the seemingly normal people when they get promoted, started making oodles of money, and sit on Executive Row.  From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter the moral backbone, or the humble nature of their personalities, but as soon as they get the positions, they turn to full blown Divas.

My recent experience about put me over the edge.  Had it not been for a very kind colleague who talked me off the ledge, I may have gone psycho on one of them.  You see, I had arranged a conference at an airport hotel.  I have had quite a few meetings at that particular hotel so they know me rather well.  When our group checked in, several of us (lower level peons) were given room upgrades.

Whoa.  When Diva Boss 1 found out she said, “Well I didn’t get an upgrade!”  Being travel tired, a little drunk, and a bit jet lagged, I patiently explained that I didn’t control the upgrade process, that it was t he hotel that made those calls, and that I had booked identical rooms for all.  Not good enough.  Definitely not good enough.  In the end, with my manhood securely stowed up my own ass, I groveled with the hotel until they gave Boss #1 an upgrade too.  I was pissed and felt like a Class-A man-whore, but did it and made my way to my room.

I thought the drama was behind me, took out my laptop and worked the rest of the day until that evening.  It was Sunday night, I was comfy in bed, watching the U.S. football games on European TV when the phone rang.  It was Boss #2.  She was at the front desk and pissed.  You guessed it, she didn’t get an upgrade and the dumb ass hotel clerk told her that, “all of the rest of the group are in the VIP rooms.”  Damn.  With that knowledge the Divaness kicked in.

Boss 2 called my room at 11:30PM.  She was not happy.  It was, “Why did everyone else get upgrades?” “What happened to my hypo allergenic non-down pillows.” and on and on.  I did my best to placate her, but she wouldn’t listen.  Instead I finally talked her into buying a room upgrade and she stopped bitching.

My point is, we are both humans.  I am as good as Boss #1 and Boss #2 are (and in many ways better.)  Hell, I could do either of their jobs.  And yet purely with their titles they think…no, they know they are deserved special treatment.  At one point in their lives they would not have acted this way.  They were both nice people in their earlier days.  Now they are Diva bitches and neither even knows it.  It makes me wonder just how long I can exist with my lips so firmly planted on  their anuses.  At least the pay is good.  When you are a whore, that is important.

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