September 25 2011

Changing things a bit

Things are changing in the body.  We started dieting after I became too fat to fasten my pants.  That was about three weeks ago.  I’ve lost about 12 pounds and feel better.  The food has changed to lots of grilled fish and chicken, mixed with salads.  While that sounds awfully boring, it hasn’t been.  The meals have been better than ever.

Along with the diet, we have started exercising.  I’ll do thirty minutes on the bike, or do a thirty minute walk with the dog to cover a couple of miles.  The bike is a lot better than the walk because of the bad knees.  Lots of Naprosin to ease the pain.  The knees hurt, but the body has been responding.

We put it all together with a good website we found at  The site helps you set your goals, tracks the food and exercise, and gives you positive feedback when you achieve a goal.  There is nothing new about the concept, but it seems to help.

Aside from the body feeling better from losing weight, it is amazing how much better the mind feels.  I feel more lucid, have more energy, and generally have a more positive outlook.  It can’t hurt either that I’m drinking less.  (Still more than most, but not as much as I was…)  As it is, I can see myself doing this until I lose another 15 to 20 pounds and then switching to maintenance.  Heck, this could end up being a life change.  Who knows.


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  1. By Weight Watcher (Post author) on

    I checked out the site at the link you listed. It looks pretty neat. How many friends do you have on there?

  2. By Twisty (Post author) on

    I’m curious… just how damn fat were you to start with?

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