September 17 2017

Blackbirds Awakened (a poem of 9/11)

Blackbirds Awakened

Blackbirds awakened, emerge from the night
Blue skies, soaring, sweet morning light
Winds bearing change, rise with the sun
City unlimbered, business begun

One man early, another late
God, good karma, or perhaps just fate
One man desperate, the other blind
The first with rage filling his mind

A message sent on silver wings
“We who have nothing despise your things”
“And we will die to destroy your ways”
The message arrives in a fiery blaze

Hearts blacken from the damage done
Dark clouds rising, but they have not won
Eyes open now, looking for spite
The awakened giant, yearning to fight

Hate matches hate, on the same plain
Both seeking solace from death’s cold rain
Battles rage on, innocence lost
Revenge is taken, but freedoms lost