September 22 2017

Registering a Boat – Ridiculous

The process to register a used boat in Arkansas borders on the ridiculous. We paid $50 hard currency to the state to get through the process. The cost to process the transaction on their side was about $23 assuming the clerk taking half an hour with our transaction made $40,000 per year. The cost to me, assuming I make $250 an hour (which is about the rate of a cheap hooker), cost me $625 since it was a two and a half hour ordeal.

That makes the total net cost to register a 1999 boat equal to $598. That is STUPID my friends. And what did they get from all that? They now have a file that says the clerk looked at the bill of sale, the old title,  proof of insurance, and a photo of the hull identification number. It screams to be modernized and automated. There are several glaring problems.

  • They have ancient computers that are not connected to the databases they need.
  • They walk back and forth across the office gathering this print out, that form, or other materials.
  • The need better software programs designed to be smarter at filling in forms.
  • They need to push it out so citizens do the work online and charge more for those who walk in for “special service” by the clerks.

It reminds me of stories from my friends in third world countries who told me that you had to take a day off to register your TVs. I think it is time to write the elected reprentatives and the appointed bureaucrats. Hated it!

March 1 2013

Perfect laptop

I just bought a Chromebook.  It was cheap, sort of an experiment in PC toys.  It was the Samsung 306C.  I like it a lot except there are problems connecting to Citrix and it doesn’t have an app from GOOD, both of which are used by my company.  So I can’t use it for email at work, so it is pretty much a net-based toy. Continue reading

September 25 2011

Changing things a bit

Things are changing in the body.  We started dieting after I became too fat to fasten my pants.  That was about three weeks ago.  I’ve lost about 12 pounds and feel better.  The food has changed to lots of grilled fish and chicken, mixed with salads.  While that sounds awfully boring, it hasn’t been.  The meals have been better than ever.

Along with the diet, we have started exercising.  I’ll do thirty minutes on the bike, or do a thirty minute walk with the dog to cover a couple of miles.  The bike is a lot better than the walk because of the bad knees.  Lots of Naprosin to ease the pain.  The knees hurt, but the body has been responding. Continue reading

June 12 2010

BP and Our Oil Problem

Oil Spill Boom off the coast of Louisiana

Granted oil is a necessary evil, but how long will we continue the current path?  It’s like a drug.  We can’t quit but it is killing us a little more every day.  We have to find a way out, and soon.  It is a complex problem with many entrenched and vested interests that will resist any change away from oil.

If we look at this problem as individuals, or from the isolated view of our nation, then the problems surrounding oil will not be solved. This is a global issue. As with any significant issue, the first step is to address the need to change. Globally, we are ready to do that yet. It will take more tragedies like the Exxon Valdez, the Gulf oil spill, and other catastrophes before we hit bottom and acknowledge we are “oil alcoholics.” Only after the collective pain becomes great enough, will we make the tough choices that will be global in nature and significant enough to make a difference. We can solve this.  Here’s how. Continue reading