June 19

What’s up with Juneteenth?

An African-American soldier and his girlfriend in a soda shop

A lot of people make fun of Juneteenth.  If you had been a black living in Texas in 1865 you would have a different point of view. Although Lincoln officially freed all slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation effective January of 1863, it didn’t carry any weight in Texas. So from the period from 1863 through 1865 slaves stayed slaves in most parts of Texas. June 19th, 1865 changed all that…at least officially.

On June 19th 1865, General Gordon Granger took 2000 troops to Galveston Texas where he read General Order 3 that announced slavery ceased to exist, but that all former slaves were to continue to work for their former masters with the difference that they would now receive wages for their efforts.  It should also be noted that the General also announced the former slaves weren’t welcome at army installation, nor were they “going to be supported in idleness.” In other words they were free – but on their own. Continue reading

June 12

BP and Our Oil Problem

Oil Spill Boom off the coast of Louisiana

Granted oil is a necessary evil, but how long will we continue the current path?  It’s like a drug.  We can’t quit but it is killing us a little more every day.  We have to find a way out, and soon.  It is a complex problem with many entrenched and vested interests that will resist any change away from oil.

If we look at this problem as individuals, or from the isolated view of our nation, then the problems surrounding oil will not be solved. This is a global issue. As with any significant issue, the first step is to address the need to change. Globally, we are ready to do that yet. It will take more tragedies like the Exxon Valdez, the Gulf oil spill, and other catastrophes before we hit bottom and acknowledge we are “oil alcoholics.” Only after the collective pain becomes great enough, will we make the tough choices that will be global in nature and significant enough to make a difference. We can solve this.  Here’s how. Continue reading

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