September 18 2017

Why does this site exist…

Have you ever wanted a place to drop your thoughts, those that are too private or politically incorrect for work, those that are too perverse or lengthy for Facebook?  This is my place for that.

In the posts below you will find bits taken from my life, chewed up, analyzed and written here so that I can move on.  I have always benefited from the catharsis of writing.  The more troubled or crazed my life becomes, the more I feel the pull to write.

You may enjoy them, you may not.  Regardless, I hope you find them interesting.

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September 19 2017

Tribute to My Father


As the oldest boy
Life started out hard
No money, no toys
Life dealt him bad cards

Big family, rented land
Too many, too poor
Grew their food by hand
Their mother the core

Meal times the toughest
Eight children, all small
Hunger the roughest
Potatoes, that’s all?

His own Dad beat him
It seems out of spite
A belt to his limbs
Best safe out of sight

They sent him away
With an uncle to work
For free meals, no pay
He learned not to shirk

Rage became power
He relished its feel
Though turning him sour
As part of the deal

Years passed and he aged
But still coped this way
Powerful, enraged
Thought he was okay

Now bent and older
His wife in the ground
Passion’s grown colder
Few friends to be found

Aware now, awakened
Just what had he lost?
Faith in rage shaken
He counted the cost

The anger he’d used
And nourished so well
Entrenched and infused
He’d made his own Hell

There isn’t a rewind
There’s no second chance
To undo the time,
Add love and romance

His future was cast
He’s lived out life’s plan
Forgive him his past
And just love the man.

September 17 2017

Blackbirds Awakened (a poem of 9/11)

Blackbirds Awakened

Blackbirds awakened, emerge from the night
Blue skies, soaring, sweet morning light
Winds bearing change, rise with the sun
City unlimbered, business begun

One man early, another late
God, good karma, or perhaps just fate
One man desperate, the other blind
The first with rage filling his mind

A message sent on silver wings
“We who have nothing despise your things”
“And we will die to destroy your ways”
The message arrives in a fiery blaze

Hearts blacken from the damage done
Dark clouds rising, but they have not won
Eyes open now, looking for spite
The awakened giant, yearning to fight

Hate matches hate, on the same plain
Both seeking solace from death’s cold rain
Battles rage on, innocence lost
Revenge is taken, but freedoms lost

May 21 2016

Humans abhor inertia

Bernie Trump

We live in in interesting times. I find myself trying to understand why we Americans are so polarized. I believe it is the result of a few factors coming together at the same time, driving our “human tribes” to react in more extreme ways.


Our news media and our politicians are continually reinforcing that things are bad. The economy is bad. Immigrants are bad. Muslims are bad. Threats against you are so bad, that in fact you’d better carry a gun to protect yourself.

This message is being heard. When polled, most people confirm they believe the American economy is worse off in general, America is more at risk from terrorists, and they are less certain about a good future for everyone in America general. However, when asked about their own situation, their standard of living, their feeling of security in their homes, etc., they respond that things in their personal world are pretty good. It is all of that danger outside their space that has them concerned.

In an environment like this, our political system would normally provide an outlet. At least it has historically. Democrats and Republicans, the House and the Senate, and the President have found ways to overcome differences and move forward. Compromise was not a dirty word. It is now. Compromise will get you defeated in the polls, and where there is no compromise, there is gridlock. Where there is gridlock there is inertia. Inertia in politics creates a leadership vacuum. When you add the general intangible pervasive fear that is being spread, people want a LEADER.

The more radically right or left the leader appears, the greater the hope people place in that person to lead them away from that which they fear. They want someone to do something. They are mad. They look at one candidate or another, and say, “Finally, this person is thinking the same things I am and I think he can make a difference.”

I personally don’t buy it. None of the candidates have the leadership qualities or the ideology that can take this country forward in a meaningful way. While they appeal to the populist masses, they will do irreversible harm to our nation, both at home and on the world stage. About all I can hope for out of this coming election is more gridlock. At least that will buy for more years of my personal welfare before some nut-job takes us off the rails.

March 4 2013

Pinch Me

beautiful_breastThis was one of those dreams I woke from and instantly wished I could go back to sleep, reset, and start the dream where it left off. I was meeting with a woman in the office who had always been flirty, but prim and proper.  Never a hint at potential beyond flirts. Well this morning was different.  As she leaned across the desk to highlight the bullet point on the PowerPoint, her blouse draped down, showing a soft pink lace bra. My eyes went to her breasts like magnets.  I could not have skipped the breast-glance regardless the consequences. Continue reading

March 1 2013

Perfect laptop

I just bought a Chromebook.  It was cheap, sort of an experiment in PC toys.  It was the Samsung 306C.  I like it a lot except there are problems connecting to Citrix and it doesn’t have an app from GOOD, both of which are used by my company.  So I can’t use it for email at work, so it is pretty much a net-based toy. Continue reading

October 25 2011


 We’ve all had those days.  The boss turns into a nasty, whiny, self absorbed, diva bitch.  My luck, I occasionally have two.  Tell me what happens to the seemingly normal people when they get promoted, started making oodles of money, and sit on Executive Row.  From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter the moral backbone, or the humble nature of their personalities, but as soon as they get the positions, they turn to full blown Divas.

My recent experience about put me over the edge.  Had it not been for a very kind colleague who talked me off the ledge, I may have gone psycho on one of them.  You see, I had arranged a conference at an airport hotel.  I have had quite a few meetings at that particular hotel so they know me rather well.  When our group checked in, several of us (lower level peons) were given room upgrades. Continue reading

September 25 2011

Changing things a bit

Things are changing in the body.  We started dieting after I became too fat to fasten my pants.  That was about three weeks ago.  I’ve lost about 12 pounds and feel better.  The food has changed to lots of grilled fish and chicken, mixed with salads.  While that sounds awfully boring, it hasn’t been.  The meals have been better than ever.

Along with the diet, we have started exercising.  I’ll do thirty minutes on the bike, or do a thirty minute walk with the dog to cover a couple of miles.  The bike is a lot better than the walk because of the bad knees.  Lots of Naprosin to ease the pain.  The knees hurt, but the body has been responding. Continue reading

January 11 2011

Folded Arms

A Bit of Cleavage Heaven

Human breasts are a wonderful thing.  That really needs to be clarified…. a woman’s breasts are a wonderful thing.  Men’s not so much. I work in a company of mostly women, so am regaled by the sight of women’s breasts on a daily basis.  Some are more proud of them than others, but they are plentiful, come in all shapes and sizes, and fascinate me.

I especially enjoy talking to a beautiful women who is squared off, face to face, looking very serious, and focusing on her important topic, who, in mid sentence crosses her arms in front of her chest.  At that point, she inevitably gives a little clench, squeezing her arms together.  Almost magically, both of her breasts rise up ever so slightly, bulging at the top of her bra which I am acutely aware is hiding right below her blouse.  The cleavage becomes pronounced, straining to be free. A beautiful sight. Continue reading